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Terren D. Klein, MD

Board Certified, American Board of
Adult & Pediatric Orthopedics


Dr. Terren Klein

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Arthroscopic Surgery

Fracture Management

Hand & Wrist Disorders

Neck and Back Pain

Pediatric Injuries

Shoulder and Knee pain

Sports Medicine

Workers Compensation

A message from Terren D. Klein, M.D.

Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, Dr. Klein strives to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties.

Patient Testimonials

From My Patients
  • Patients Testimonails

    Everytime I came in ready to give up with pain, Dr. Terren Klein solved those problems immediately, he has made my life liveable.

    Liona Hernandez
  • Patients Testimonails

    I have had such great attentive care under his service, his care has improved my condition to near perfect!

    Maria N.
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein and his staff have shown genuine interes in my needs and helping with my treatment plan.

    C. G.
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein is a professional and very understanding to my needs due to my injury at work.

    R. D.
  • Patients Testimonails

    He has helped with my situation and been very informative, kind, patient and sensitive with my needs. Thank you very much!

  • Patients Testimonails

    I have been under Dr. Terren Klein's care for the past six months and have been very satisfied with his attention to my needs.

    R. C.
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein did a great job on my surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Florentino U.
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein helped me tremendously, everytime I see him I feel better. His staff is always curteous and caring as well.

    Margarita Contreras
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein helped me through the years with different problems. He works miracles!

    Alicia Stredic
  • Patients Testimonails

    I have been seeing Dr. for five months and I am very pleased with his level of care.

    S. COX
  • Patients Testimonails

    Since being a patient of Dr. Terren Klein I feel very assured about the treatment and care he has given me.

    R. O.
  • Patients Testimonails

    Dr. Terren Klein was patient, caring and very compassionate.

    C. M. C.